The Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation 2014


-Beep- -Boop-

Hello and welcome to a thrilling blog post about the life and times of the magestic animator known as “Retrosleep.” Today we will be talking about NATA 14.

If you have been wondering what I have been up too, or why their hasn’t been any new league of legends videos I’m here to give you the answer. 

Season 4 Top Lane is a pool filth that only inbred alligators could possible enjoy, and so I decided I never want to make another League of Legends video ever again! Nah, i’m just kidding, well about not making LoL videos anyways. 

I have been busy taking part in the NG Tournament. If you keep up with the Youtube channel you should have seen the cartoon Dinosaurs: The Last Day by now. If you follow me and don’t, well fuck you go watch it. Anyways, that video launched me into the novice round and so that meant I had to create another video to try and win the novice round. The Theme for the round was “Through the eyes of a stranger” so I had to create a cartoon that was based around that thought, and so Deli Dad was created.


The Idea around Deli Dad, was that the son (Vegi Son) had become distant to his father (Deli Dad) after his mother died from something related to an unhealthy eating habit revolving around only eating meat.

So the video revolves around the dad and son arguing over what really is good to eat, and the conversation sheds light on a few issues like parents and children not understanding each other, and the average persons perspective on a vegetarian.

Of course the video is a Comedy, but it’s ment to make you feel like you have learned something by the end of the day. Unfortunately for the video though, it wasn’t created on time due to my MOBO frying at the start of the round and I had to move from one apartment to another. So I had to drop out of the NATA 14 tournament.  

Deli Dad will be made sometime in the near future, but for now I’m going to continue to work on a LoL parody. 

I’ll catch you summoners and regular plebs next thursday with another blog update.